Channel Grooved Siding - Channel Grooved Siding is made by bonding wood veneers in the same manner as plywood. It is available in a variety of surface textures and designs.

Crezon � Crezon panels contain the strength of high quality plywood with tough overlays to give you superior surface performance and a much longer life. Crezon is used for signs as-well-as other applications.

DensGlass Gold � DensGlass is the premium gypsum sheathing in the marketplace. DensGlass Gold is a mold-resistant, exterior gypsum panel that is extremely weather-resistant. DensGlass Gold is the ideal substrate behind brick, siding, EIFS, stucco and other permanent claddings.

Fir G1S / G2S & Marine Plywood � Fir G1S / G2S & Marine plywood are available in all thicknesses; from �� � 1�. Fir G1S / G2S & Marine is used for exterior applications.

Firecheck Type X Drywall - Firecheck Type X drywall is enhanced with glass fibers to offer greater strength and fire protection for interior walls and ceilings.

Fire Retardant (Dricon) � DRICON� FRT (Fire Retardant Treated) wood reduces flamespread and smoke development, and is recognized by building codes as an alternative to construction materials classified as noncombustible for weather protected applications. It has performed effectively since its introduction in 1981 and has a group of features that no other FRT wood can match.

Gyplap � Gyplap Sheathing is a weather- and fire-resistant board designed to combine excellent performance with exceptional economy. It is used in wood and light steel frame construction under many exterior-finishes, such as masonry veneer, wood, and composite siding. Noncombustible gypsum core adds fire safety not available with plywood or wood-fiber sheathing. GYPLAP Gypsum Sheathing is clad in water-repellent paper on the face and back surfaces, and is lightweight and easily handled by one person.

Gypsum Drywall � Regular drywall is designed for interior wall and ceiling applications. Regular drywall is available in several thicknesses and edge treatments to meet most general construction needs. Hardboard (Masonite) - Hardboard is made from wood chips converted into fibers and bonded into panels under heat and pressure.

Mahogany Plywood � Mahogany plywood is a hardwood plywood. It is made using mahogany for the outer veneer and is available in panels 48 in. wide x 96 in. long. Mahogany plywood is used for interior applications (i.e. underlay and cabinets).

Particleboard � Particleboard is made from wood chips, water, and a synthetic resin binder. The particles are bonded with heat and pressure. It is mainly used for furniture and cabinet construction.

Poplar Plywood � Poplar plywood is made using poplar for the outer veneer and is available in 48 x 96 in. and 48 x 48 in. panels. Poplar plywood is used for interior applications (i.e. underlay and cabinets).

Plywood � Plywood panels are made by bonding together thin layers or plies of wood. The grain in each ply is perpendicular to the ply below it. Panels always have an odd number of plys, such as three, five, or seven. Each ply may be a single thickness veneer or two veneers glued together to form a thicker ply. Argo Lumber stocks standard nominal thicknesses of plywood panels from 3/8 in. to � in.. Panel widths, which are 48in. x 96 in. Argo also has an ample stock of � and 5/8 C.S.P. T&G floor sheathing.

Communication is key in this ever-changing industry and Argo Lumber consistently keeps me up-to-date with new and innovative products, as well as scheduling information regarding our existing construction sites.

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