AlpaJoist Floor System - The distinctive window in the center of the AlpaJoist eliminates the need for old-fashioned bridging, reducing the possibility of squeaking. The patented window system allows for fast and efficient strongback installation. Long timbers slide quickly through the center openings, and are then easily nailed in place (at the desired 90 degree angle). Strongback installation is recognized as the most effective bridging method for vibration reduction because it introduces a continuous stiffness in the transverse direction of a floor system.

The AlpaJoist is comprised of more wood than the standard I-Joist because its openings are reinforced with double flanges, top and bottom. The double-flange configuration provides additional stiffness at the critical section. While most joists are made so that openings can be cut into them, the AlpaJoist is the only one with engineered openings, guaranteed to maintain the structural integrity of the joist for the life of the home. The engineered openings in the AlpaJoist eliminate the need for trades to drill through a series of joists before commencing installation of plumbing, heating and electrical systems. They simply thread the wires, pipes and ductwork through the patented window.

AlpaJoist's engineered window of opportunity appeals to volume builders wanting to speed up site completion. Plumbers, electricians and installers of heating systems can get in and out of an AlpaJoist home very quickly. The AlpaJoist is the most efficient I-Joist ever manufactured. When you use the 11 7/8" or larger AlpaJoist, ductwork may slide quickly and easily through the engineered openings, eliminating the need to drop the ductwork under the joists. This eliminates basement bulkheads.
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