- #2 Dry Sheathing
- #15 lbs Felt Paper
- 1x6 Pine T&G �V� Joint
- 1x8 Bevel Siding
- 4 x 6 Lagging
- Cedar Shim Shingles
- Concrete Stair Riser Cove
- Joist Hangers
- Hardwood Wedges
- House Wrap Tape
- Nails (Arrdox Spiral Standard, Common, Double Headed, Spiral Concrete, Ringed, Blued, and Galvanized Spiral Standard)
- Natural & Coated Tentest
- Plywood �H� Clips
- Polyethylene Film
- Pressure Treated Accessories
- Sill Gaskets
- S.P.F. Pointed Stakes
- Stuccato Siding
- Subfloor Adhesive
We are well pleased with the overall service performance provided by Argo Lumber. We have found Argo�s service in terms of on �time deliveries and quick turnarounds to be commendable, especially during peak periods.

I look forward to continuing our long-standing business relationship...

Frank Garcea, Monarch Corporation
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